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This is a copy of the word that came to me on Friday night, 18th April during Easter 2003,

To set the mood,
We had gone to church and then went land hunting with my wife and two of my children. I have always been a man of the land, though rover the last few years I have been of it. The ties to the land runs in my blood, and tonight I was reflecting on how you can take the boy from the bush but can’t take the bush from the boy.

Then I felt the Lord had this to say, which I am sharing with you now.
Malachi 4:6 He will turn the hearts of the fathers to their children, and the hearts of the children to their fathers; or else I will come and strike the land with a curse.

To our men of the land.

Tonight I felt the lord had me say this. Men you are in relationship with the land, sometimes you hate it, sometimes you love it and sometimes you wish you could pretend it’s no longer even there. You wrestle with it, to draw the best it can give, you nurture it, you till it, you fertilise it, you seed it, you cull and weed and burn and spray, you even water it when there is water to give, and then you harvest it.

The harvest depends on the amount of nurturing you give it, and on the amount of water it receives.

Guys you can work hard from sun up till sundown working the soil hard to give it its best and it will give you its best it can give you with all the hard work you put into it, but the true harvest depends on the water, the life giving, thirst quenching water, the water that brings healing, the water that brings life, the water that sustains life and even produces new life.

Men of the Land listen to what the Lord would have you hear him say, you work hard for your families, you work hard for yourself, and the words you speak to your family, the words you speak to your self can be like words of water or poison. They can either build up or burn down, they can encourage your wives and sons and daughters to bloom and to blossom and to bear much fruit or they can spray over them like toxin and cause them to wither and die.
Words have the power of life and death, men of the land listen up, many of you feel that you are like wells run dry that you are like dams with a little muddy water left in them that you are like the garden tank hose with no pressure, that you are like a cloud with no water, that you are running dry with nothing else to give.
Men of the land listen up; it is when you are this dry you need to turn to the source of water, the source of living water which is there only for the asking, every one who drinks of the water of the Lord will never thirst again, indeed it will become like a well in you, a spring that flows up to eternal life.
Who is this source of living water? It is none other than our lord and savoir Jesus Christ. Who beckons and calls, “Come to me all who are heavily burdened, for my yoke is easy and my burden is light”

I ask you, over this Easter will you allow Jesus to refill your tanks?



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